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January 4th, 2009

08:54 pm: Happy New Year
There is something so hopeful about a New Year. 2008 was not a great year - for me personally or for the economy. And I know a lot of other people have been struggling too. But I still have a lot to be grateful for, and I am. I have a great family, my health is really good, and I know I have the resources to move ahead and make this year a better one. Hopefully it will be!

My tendency in January & February is to hibernate. I really don't want to be out in the cold, especially at night. It still gets dark out pretty early too. There's nothing I love better than coming home after work and getting on the computer or having a cup of hot tea and watching some television. That's all well and good - but at the same time, I don't want to waste these months either. The year goes by so quickly (2008 definitely passed in a whirlwind) and I have a lot that I want to accomplish this year - artistically, financially, socially, romantically (well that sounds weird - but the truth is I want to meet a great guy this year and I'm actually feeling pretty optimistic at the moment).

So, will have to find a way to balance my love of taking it easy with my need to make the most of the year. The WHOLE year. I know it can be done...if I try!

November 22nd, 2008

01:37 pm: Amy Ryan wuz robbed! :)
After seeing her in "The Office" and "Gone Baby Gone," Amy Ryan has recently become one of my favorite actresses. I'm so impressed at how drastically different she was in both of these roles. It almost didn't even seem like the same person!

I know Amy was nominated for Best Supporting Actress at the Academy Awards for "Gone Baby Gone." I can't remember all the nominees in the category, but I know that Tilda Swinton won the award for her role in "Michael Clayton."

Well,I finally saw "Michael Clayton" last night. Good movie, and Tilda was good in it, but - she won the award? Really? I'm pretty surprised. Although she played the role very well, she didn't do anything that knocked my socks off. It wasn't at all what I expected.

The Academy Awards are kind of strange though. There have been several times where the winner wasn't "my" winner, and of course it's all so subjective. Sometimes I'll find out that the person who didn't win at the Academy Awards *did* win for the Independent Film Critics or for Golden Globes or something else like that. So other people agreed with "my" vote, in some cases.

In a way, they shouldn't even pick a winner at the Academy Awards. It's apples and oranges sometimes - who do you pick, the serious actor or the comedic one? The showy one or the subtle one? The one who had many scenes or one really meaty scene?

Sometimes I think they should just say "these are the five people who got top honors" and leave it at that. But then, no one would watch. We all *want* to see a winner - an individual winner. It's more dramatic.

At any rate, I look forward to seeing Amy Ryan in more roles over time - I think she is one of the best actresses around right now, and I'm sure her star will continue to rise.

November 17th, 2008

09:59 pm: My current favorite song
heard this in a Housing Works store the other day and asked the clerk what the CD was - he said Beirut -

turns out this is the song:
Beirut, "Postcards from Italy"


I love it, it kind of makes me feel happy + sad at the same time.

October 23rd, 2008

01:07 pm: It's been a while...since I could say that I wasn't addicted......
Ha, that subject line was just to catch your attention.

Yeah, it's been a while. Things are good....

I'm trying to work on some writing -- for what I think will be a series of connected short stories. (Maybe if I post about it here, I'll actually follow through with it, instead of quitting halfway through.) I'm still figuring out the different characters. I have an idea of who they are but still need to flesh them out a lot more.

I wanted to take a fiction-writing class, but I think I'll be okay doing it on my own. (I did take a great class a long time ago and loved it.) I think classes can be great for motivating you and getting you past writer's block...so if I had the extra $$$ right now, I'd definitely go for it. But I don't.

Well, we are very much in the midst of Fall. I love this time of year, although it can also be quite melancholy, if you start thinking about winter. But I try to just enjoy autumn for what it is, and if you do that, it's truly beautiful. I've been taking a lot of walks in Central Park after work, and it's just gorgeous there this time of the year.

More later maybe.....

P.S. Oh one last thing -- I'm loving "Mad Men" lately -- I wish there wasn't just one episode left for the season. The seasons for these cable shows go way too fast!!!

August 17th, 2008

11:34 pm: and speaking of movies....
I watched "Juno" again recently (I have that DVD also). It kind of bugs me when people say "Oh I didn't like that movie, it was so overhyped, it was just trying too hard to be cool." Yes, we all have our own opinions. Yes, the movie did get a TON of hype, so if you saw it late, you're bound to be disappointed. (But that's true of any movie that gets a lot of hype.)

As for the trying too hard, hipster aspect of it. Watching it again last night...okay, the first few scenes ring a little bit too much of hipspeak. I still love them, the dialogue is fun and funny (and for fans of "The Office," it's still a thrill to see Rainn Wilson in his little cameo), but it does smack a little too much of pat-yourself-on-the-back cleverness.

But, okay kids, keep watching. Once it gets to the scene where Juno tells her family that she's pregnant (and I don't think I'm giving any big spoilers away here -- even if you haven't seen the movie, you know that it's about a teenager who gets pregnant), things start to change. It's still a hip, clever movie, but it slowly builds into something deeper and c'mon y'all, it has a lot of ***heart***. It does! If you can just stop criticizing the hipspeak, or the fact that Juno's a bit of a wiseass, and really watch what's going on, it's honest. And it's interesting. And there are scenes that will move you, especially if you remember what it's like to be a teenager, or to be in love, or to be confused, or to not have all the answers.

11:27 pm: A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints
I am so obsessed with this movie. Bought the DVD after seeing it on IFC On Demand a few months ago. I know I've mentioned it to a few of you, I really recommend it. (The main cast includes Shia Le Boeuf, Robert Downey Jr., and Channing Tatum) If you want more info, let me know.

June 18th, 2008

06:58 pm: Concerts
Got this from Amy's blog...my concerts list is pitifully small in comparison. I'm just not a big concert-goer. (There might be one or two people I'm forgetting about.)

Here is how it works. Copy this list. Leave in the bands you've seen perform live. Delete the ones you haven't and add new ones that you have seen until you reach 25. An asterisk means the previous person had it on their list. Two asterisks means the last two people who did this before you had that band on their list. And so on.

1. Bryan Adams*
2. The Eagles
3. Prince
4. The Kinks
5. The Sundays
6. Rickie Lee Jones
7. Ziggy Marley
8. Crowded House
9. Tom Petty
10. The Replacements (they were an opener for Tom Petty, so I'll list them)
11. Steve Miller/The Steve Miller Band
12. The Allman Brothers

06:44 pm: Nature rules! (Like, dude, it totally rules)
Lately it seems my moods are very weather-dependent. When it's sunny and beautiful outside, I feel really happy, but when it's gray and blah, not so much. This does not make me unique -- a lot of people prefer a sunny day and aren't so crazy about a gray one. But lately I feel like I'm a little *too* dependent on that stuff. Oh well.

Anyway, Sunday turned out to be a gorgeous day so I spent most of it in Central Park. Being there always makes me feel good - the natural beauty is just amazing, there's so much to take in and it seems endless. I found some nature trails that I had never been .. and almost started getting a little lost -- but a good kind of lost, since I didn't have anywhere I had to be and just enjoyed soaking in all the sights. (Yes, this blog would be so much better if I actually had taken photos! But my little rinky-dink, non-digital camera is almost never with me on my travels.)

Central Park is a big part of what I love about NYC. I still remember the first time I really "discovered" it as a teenager. It was like finding another country in the middle of New York. Sometimes I get sick of all the tourists (who wouldn't?), but I still get a little thrill out of being there. It's kind of nostalgic and romantic for me at the same time. I just think of all the possibilities I felt as a really young adult, finding this new "world" and having all kinds of dreams about my future as I walked through the park.

I'm getting off tangent of course, which is to describe what a natural mood-elevator CP can be for me. It's just impossible to be unhappy when I really take in the stunning beauty of the park and realize how lucky I am to be able to see and appreciate it. Gotta go back soon -- although I' m finding I really prefer it there when it's a day like Sunday (under 85 degrees!!)

May 20th, 2008

05:41 pm: Katie Holmes to conquer Broadway (or will it conquer her?)
There's a story on Backstage.com about how Katie Holmes will be appearing in "All My Sons" on Broadway this fall.


Really, Katie? Julia Roberts, Julianne Moore, and Ashley Judd all tried it, with pretty abysmal results from what I've heard. Or at least, lackluster reviews. I didn't see the shows, so I can't really comment. But if actresses of their popularity couldn't quite master it, I have doubts that Joey from "Dawson's Creek" can.

Don't get me wrong, I actually have liked Katie in a few of her roles in movies. And I have nothing against actors going back and forth between the different mediums (film, television, stage) -- in fact, I'm all for it. But it takes a certain level of training to be able to do well in the theater, and I just don't think everyone is up for it. (Especially Broadway)

So, kudos to her for wanting to do something bold, but my best guess is that it will totally backfire.

Current Music: Joe Jackson, "Rush Across the Road"

April 14th, 2008

06:10 pm: Previous entry...
The previous entry is marked as friends-only. I do have a few pals who read here who are not official "friends" because they don't have a Livejournal account, so if those people want to read it, just post here and maybe I can email it to you, if you're really interested.

Basically it's just a ranting about my so-called (lack of) love life.

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